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Best Root Canal Dental Treatment in Thoothukudi

Root Canal is needed by the patient, whose roots have been inflamed or infected. Root Canal Treatment is also called endodontic treatment, where treatment helps in the elimination of infected pulp of the tooth and protection of decontaminated tooth. With years of experience and expertise, our best endodontists at Dr. Samuel Dental, Thoothukudi can treat this problem in a variety of ways, including non-surgical and surgical methods.

To ensure a painless, comfortable, successful, and best root canal dental treatment, we at Samuel Dental, Thoothukudi, uses the latest techniques, which are further supplemented by the best advances in Endodontic dentistry.

Our Best Root Canal Treatment

  • Traditional Non-Surgical Root Canal Treatment
  • Gentle Wave Root Canal Treatment
  • Water Lase System
  • Endodontic Micro Surgery
  • Root Canal Retreatment

Non-Surgical or conventional root canal therapy is used, when patients need no surgery. Our experts use the most common type of root canal to safeguard your natural tooth.

An alternative to the traditional root canal procedure that makes use of fluid dynamics and a broad spectrum called gentle wave root canal treatment is used by our endodontists if the conventional method can is treated, patients.

Water, air, and laser energy are combined in the Waterlase for safe usage on human tissue in the mouth called WaterLase System is also another alternative method used in root canal dental treatment.

The other two ways our endodontists use are Waterlase laser treatment, which is a painless, safe, and convenient method of laser dentistry that cures tooth decay, cavities, and other dental issues.

The other is endodontic microsurgery is described as the use of an operating microscope or an endoscope with high-power magnification in conjunction with endodontic surgery. So, it is up to the patients' needs and our top endodontists at Samuel Dental, Thoothukudi always choose the right one.

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Questions Asked to an Endodontist About Root Canal Treatment

1. Who is the best dentist for root canal treatment and endodontic treatment?

Most people like to have a twinkling smile on their face with bright and straightened teeth. However, it is not designed to happen all by itself. Don’t worry! we are here to bring you the effective and successful endodontic treatment that you are looking for. At Dr. Samuel Dental, we have a team of the best endodontists in Tuticorin who are highly skilled to solve all your dental issues with no time for turning back.

2. Is the root canal treatment painful?

No, a root canal treatment is pain-free. Before having RCT, the dentist will use local anesthesia to numb the infected area, which ensures a painless treatment. Since patients might experience some pain as the anesthesia starts to wear off.

3. Is throbbing pain normal after a root canal treatment?

Yes, you can have the experience of feeling discomfort and throbbing pain. As the area around the tooth heals, there is soreness and a bad feeling that becomes normal after some time.

4. What can I eat after the root canal treatment?

It will take 2-3 hours to wear off the effect of anesthesia. Your gums, cheeks, lips, etc. will be numb. Avoid eating certain foods till the anesthesia wears off. Avoid eating hard foods that trigger soreness. Once we cement the cap, you can have normal food.

5. Can I brush my teeth after the root canal treatment?

Yes, you can brush your teeth as normal after the root canal treatment. You must maintain a clean and healthy environment in that area. Please get into the habit of brushing your teeth twice a day and using mouthwash as well.

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